We have got the best tips and suggestions on ‘How to Repair Wooden floor Scratches’. Timely repair of wooden floor damage like ‘wooden floor wear and tear’ in daily routine in our homes or business sites like hotels, restaurants, etc. is important.

Even moving a chair back and forth daily or dropping a sharp object on the wooden floor can result in a worn finish and a deep sharp scratch ( it may weaken the wood) respectively.

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It is critical to be aware of the type of finish or treatment your wood floor has had before you attempt any kind of repair for wooden floor scratches. Also, it’s better to speak to your vendor first who laid the flooring or contact a wooden floor specialist.

You can also keep a fresh look for your hardwood, laminate, or wood effect vinyl flooring. These easy and to-the-point useful applications can clear your confusion about ‘can a scratched wood floor be easily fixed’.

This blog article will cover the following topics:

Fixing wood floor scratches

How to do scratch repair on wood floor

What’s the best way to repair scratches on wood floor laminate

An easy tip for repairing scratches on vinyl floor

What’s the estimated cost of Wood floor scratches repair

1. Tips to avoid scratches on the Wooden floor

Easily movable chairs or heavy furniture with feet and even high heel footwear (like shoes) can all be the common cause for scratches on wooden floors.

a. Apply felt to the feet of furniture (chairs, tables, desks, etc.) like covering the wooden floor with rugs.

b. Direct and implement a ‘no shoe policy’ to avoid scratches on the wood floor.

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2. Useful suggestions in case of already done scratches on the wooden floor

a. Hire a professional: If the scratch is too bad, you can opt for a replacement of your wood floor. Professional help can be the best and most logical option. (Call us – 020-735819055)

b. Remove or Repair wooden floor scratches (as per the type of scratch)

1. Light scratches on the wooden floor

Special blending pencil: This is useful in case of light wooden floor scratches.

A. Begin with the cleaning- Brush and vacuum the area with a soft cloth and apply a ‘neutral pH special hardwood floor cleaner’. This will-

1. Restrict any further damage to the wood.

2. You can easily analyse the full extent of the damage.

B. Fix hardwood floor scratches- First, make sure that the special blending pencil is at room temperature as such conditions will make their usage easier. Also, select a series of pencil strokes to ensure the color in use is exactly what you need.

C. Use Finish restorers – For a more glossy or matte look such products tend to be in a liquid form with different finish options. Finish restorers can treat minor scratches and scuffs and they are good for covering larger areas thereby helping bring back the wooden floor’s overall appearance.

2. Larger and deeper scratches on the wooden floor

A. Re-coating or Re-finishing the floor

For the logical reason of being a more specialist type of wood floor scratch repair technique, this should be handed over to the professionals. It may require professional sanding (what is sanding) and refinishing.

The process or technique may seem to you as simple but it’s better to consult a specialist because experimenting on your own may land you in trouble to bear more expenses later.

This type of wood floor repair is good for wooden floors that have previously been finished with oils.

A mix of resin and sawdust is used by flooring specialists or wooden floor repair professionals, especially in the case of deep gouges in the wood floor where some gap filling may be required.

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