Frequently Asked Questions

Estimates and Timing:

 The estimated time for the project is based on experience, and variations may occur depending on the floor condition.


Finish and Sample:

Sanding aims to remove 2-4mm scratches on the surface, and any remaining stains may still be visible. Clients should identify defects, and a test patch may be required. Expect slight color variations when applying samples over larger areas.


Potential Damages:

Powerful machines may cause scuffs on skirting boards and stairs. Some minor scuffing on walls might occur.


Additional Services:

Nail/screw-down services, re-gluing of loose Parquet blocks, and other extra services may incur additional charges.


Drying Process:

Allow 36-48 hours drying time before mid-semi heavy usage. The floor will touch dry within 2 hours of finishing.


Furniture Removal:

Clients must ensure furniture is clear for access; removal can be arranged if needed, but may incur additional charges.


Dust and Shading:

Despite efforts to minimize dust, some may occur. Shading differences might persist, especially in areas previously covered by carpets or stair runners.


Material Matching:

Attempted matching of reclaimed boards, but an exact match is not guaranteed.


Paint Removal:

Complete removal of paint is not guaranteed, especially in knots and gaps between boards.


Gap Filling:

Resin-only gap filling is guaranteed for three months. Draughtex seal is recommended for better results.


Squeaking Floorboards:

Squeaking may occur due to issues with joists or board thickness.


Electrical Items and Furniture:

Electrical items must be moved, and furniture removal is not included unless specified and may incur additional charges.



Samples provided for customer approval before staining. Staining considered a prime coat for lacquer. Additional floor scratch repairs may improve by 75%-99%.


Hearth Re-stitch and Joist Repairs:

Involves removing concrete, possible joist fitting, or repairing poorly fitted or damaged joists at an extra cost.



Floors should be free of obstacles, and free access is required. Steps and stairs may have additional costs.


Quoting and Expectations:

Stairs are quoted for treads and risers; sanding edges may incur an extra cost. Customers are expected to have floors ready for sanding.


Unforeseen Work and Existing Damage:

The company may charge a reasonable extra sum for unforeseen work not apparent during pre-contract inspections. The company is not liable for existing damage.


Timber Quality and Color:

The provided timber quality and color align with market availability but cannot be guaranteed to match existing wood.


Resin Filling and Floor Seals:

The company is not responsible if resin filling fails due to natural wood movement or exposure to extreme conditions. Floor seals are designed for wear resistance, not impact.


Work Hours and Site Visits:

The standard hours of work are 8 am-5 pm, Monday to Sunday. Site visits outside these hours may be necessary due to the sealing process.


Rubbish Removal:

The work price includes rubbish removal, including sawdust, damaged and replaced floorboards, carpets, floor covers, and underlays.



The company’s work is covered by Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance.

This detailed information provides clients with a thorough understanding of your services, potential challenges, and the terms and conditions associated with the flooring project.

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